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Visible Body

Visible Body is a 3D human anatomy visualization and learning tool which includes content covered in undergraduate-level Anatomy and Physiology courses. Visible Body makes it possible to: Search for and locate anatomical structures by name; Hide, rotate, see through, and explore human anatomy.; Move the model in three-dimensional space, by either clicking directly on the model or using the virtual joystick.; Zoom in and out, using either the on-screen zoom slider or a mouse scroll wheel. 

Requires Flash Player 9.0+ and Unity Web Player 2.1+

Vogue Archive

A searchable archive of American Vogue reproduced in high-resolution color page images. Includes advertisements, covers and fold-outs. Images are searchable by garment type, designer and brand names. A record of American and international fashion, culture and society. Content spans 1892 – Present.