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Course IDCourse NameInstructor
AAAS 1000Introduction to African and African American StudiesChambers, Crystal
ADED 6450Community, Junior and Technical CollegesBroughton, Phyllis J
ADRE 3010Case Management in RehabilitationChapin, Martha
ANTH 1000Introduction to AnthropologyLuchsinger, Heidi; Mathews, Holly; Saidel, Benjamin
ANTH 3117Prehistory of the Middle EastSaidel, Benjamin
ANTH 4025 - SPRTheory in AnthropologyMathews, Holly
ART 1001Color and DesignKim, Nanyoung
ART 1005Design IReich, Dindy
ART 1906Art History SurveyChristie, Jessica
ART 1906 - 1907Art History SurveyMadhok, Punam
ART 1907Art History SurveyChristie, Jessica
ART 2460 - FALLImage Theory and AestheticsWyatt, Kenneth
ART 2480 - FALLVisual StorytellingWyatt, Kenneth
ART 3920Asian ArtMadhok, Punam
ART 3930Italian Renaissance Art: 1300 - 1500Madhok, Punam
ART 3960Art and Power In MesoamericaChristie, Jessica
ART 3961Native North American Art and RitualChristie, Jessica
ART 3962Art and Landscape in the AndesChristie, Jessica
ART 3980Ceramic History of North Carolina and the Southeastern USDuffy, Michael
ART 4918 - FALLEighteenth Century ArtDuffy, Michael
ART 6913Asian Art GraduateMadhok, Punam
ART 6917Ceramic History of North Carolina and Southeastern USDuffy, Michael
ART 6918Art and Power in MesoamericaChristie, Jessica
ART 6919Native North American Art and RitualChristie, Jessica
ART 6930Italian Renaissance Art: 1300-1500 GraduateMadhok, Punam
ATEP 2800Medical Nomenclature for Human PerformanceFlanagan, Kathleen
BIOL 1050General BiologyBunnell, Anne E.; Vance Chalcraft, Heather
BIOL 2130Survey of Human Physiology and AnatomySutton, Leonard
BIOL 2800Biological InstructionVance Chalcraft, Heather
BIOL 3620Biological EvolutionBalakrishnan, Christopher
BIOL 3660Introduction to Marine BiologyAsch, Rebecca G
CHEM 1120Introduction to ChemistryLove, Brian
CHEM 2750Organic Chemistry ILove, Brian; Romack, Timothy
CHEM 2760Organic Chemistry IILove, Brian; Romack, Timothy
CHEM 7532Organic SynthesisLove, Brian
CLSC 4802___Mannie, Ann
CMGT 4380Equipment ManagementHollar, Donna
COHE 6000Forrestal, Elizabeth
COMM 3142Small Group CommunicationThomson, Deborah M.
COMM 3330 - FALLFeature Writing (WI)Elmore, Cindy
CON 1000College of Nursing Pre-Entrance ExamLilley, Nancy
CSDI 3105Riska, Kristal N.
DRED 2000Introduction to Driver and Traffic Safety EducationShrader, Joe
ECON 2113Principles of MicroeconomicsRupp, Nicholas
ECON 5000Economics of PovertyBishop, John
ECON 6000Advanced Topics: Micro TheoryEricson, Richard
EHST 4350 - FALLVector Borne Disease Ecology and LaboratoryRichards, Stephanie
EHST 6300 - FALLPublic Health Pests and Vector Borne DiseasesRichards, Stephanie
EHST 6700Industrial Hygiene ApplicationBalanay, Jo Anne
ENGL 1100Foundations of College WritingNancy, Ruby; Siegel, Robert
ENGL 2000 - 006Interpreting Literature (WI)Herron, Thomas
ENGL 2201 - 015Writing About the Disciplines - MultidisciplinesRodman, Diane
ENGL 2201-017Writing About the Disciplines: Arts and HumanitiesMontgomery, Marianne
ENGL 2570The SupernaturalKitta, Andrea
ENGL 3070Shakespeare's HistoriesWilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3080Shakespeare: The ComediesMontgomery, Marianne; Wilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3090Shakespeare: The TragediesHerron, Thomas; Montgomery, Marianne; Wilson-Okamura, David
ENGL 3300Women and LitSidhu, Nicole
ENGL 3330Early Twentieth-Century DramaSiegel, Robert
ENGL 3340 - SPRContemporary DramaSiegel, Robert
ENGL 3480 - SPRINGScience FictionMiddleton, Joyce
ENGL 3660 - SPRRepresenting Environmental CrisisFeder, Helena
ENGL 3730 - FALLThe Structure of English: Phonology and MorphologyBosse, Solveig J
ENGL 3740The Structure of English: Syntax and SemanticsBosse, Solveig J
ENGL 3810Advanced CompositionMiddleton, Joyce
ENGL 3810 - SPRAdvanced Composition (WI)Middleton, Joyce
ENGL 4050Prose & Poetry of the Engl RenHerron, Thomas
ENGL 4080Shakespeare: The ComediesHerron, Thomas
ENGL 4090 - 001 FALLShakespeare: The TragediesHerron, Thomas
ENGL 6151Pre -1800 LiteratureHerron, Thomas
ENGL 6526 - FALLThe Structure of English: Phonology and MorphologyBosse, Solveig J
ENGL 6527Syntax and SemanticsBosse, Solveig J
ENGL 8615Seminar in Rhetorical TheorySharer, Wendy
ENGR 3420Engineering EconomicsBorer, Michael; Gibson, James R.
ETHN 2001Ethnic StudiesMiddleton, Joyce
EXSS 3301Physical Education and Sport in Modern SocietyWarner, Stacy
EXSS 4301Exercise Science 4301Warner, Stacy
EXSS 4301 - 001Comparative Sport and Physical Education: InternationalWarner, Stacy
EXSS 6001 - 001Administration of Physical Education and AthleticsWarner, Stacy
FALL 2017Pirate ReadGee, Charles William
FILM 2900Introduction to Film StudiesFroula, Anna
FILM 4980 - 001Film Aesthetics: Trash CinemaKlein, Amanda
FORL 2760Latin American Culture Through FilmValko, Jennifer
FORL 2760 - 002 SPRSpecial Topics in Hispanic StudiesValko, Jennifer
GEOG 1000Introduction to GeographyBee, Beth Anne
GEOG 1000 - 005People, Places, and EnvironmentsBee, Beth Anne
GEOG 2350Climate Change: Science and SocietyRickenbach, Thomas
GEOG 4320Gender, Economy, and DevelopmentBee, Beth Anne
GEOG 4360 - 6360Geographies of Global ClimateBee, Beth Anne
GEOL 4200PaleontologyCulver, Stephen
GERM 1001German Level IGoodman, Tatjana
GERM 1002German Level IIJensen, Birgit
GLST 1000Introduction to Global StudiesMedevielle, Nicolas; Wilmes, Justin
GRBK 2400Great Books of the Middle Ages and RenaissanceHerron, Thomas
HDFS 2001Child Development II: Middle Childhood - Young AdulthoodDodor, Bernice
HDFS 3002Child in the FamilyDesai, Priti; Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 3150Introduction to Early Childhood InterventionDesai, Priti
HDFS 3215The Family as ConsumersDodor, Bernice
HDFS 4210Child Life PracticumDesai, Priti; Sira, Natalia
HDFS 4210Child Life PracticumDesai, Priti; Sira, Natalia
HDFS 4303Families and Cultural DiversityDesai, Priti; Dodor, Bernice
HDFS 4303Families and Cultural DiversityDesai, Priti; Dodor, Bernice
HIST 1031 - 003-004World Civilizations Since 1500Gross, Michael
HIST 1031 FALLWorld Civilizations Since 1500Gross, Michael; Russell, Mona
HIST 1050American History to 1877 - 83372 - HIST 1050Dennard, David
HIST 3110History of African-AmericansDennard, David
HIST 3350War and SocietyJenks, Timothy
HIST 3405Ancient GreeceRomer, Frank
HIST 3406 - SPRWar and Society in Ancient Greece and RomeRomer, Frank
HIST 3435 - 001 SPRHistory of Europe Since 1914Gross, Michael
HIST 3710Introduction to Latin-American History: Colonial PeriodThompson, Angela
HIST 3711Introduction to Latin-American History: Since 1808Thompson, Angela
HIST 3780Mexico and Central AmericaThompson, Angela
HIST 5130Comparative History of New World Slavery and Race RelationsThompson, Angela
HIST 5140The Old SouthDennard, David
HIST 5220Selected Topics in US Women's HistoryThompson, Angela; Zipf, Karin
HIST 5300Comparative History of Non-Western CivilizationsRussell, Mona
HIST 5480Weimar and the Rise of HitlerGross, Michael
HIST 5765Latin America, 1492 to the PresentThompson, Angela
HIST 6350History of Ancient GreeceRomer, Frank
HLTH 3020Health DisparitiesBecker, Craig M.; Johnson, Madison H.
HLTH 4200Planning and Evaluation in Worksite Health PromotionShrader, Joe
HLTH 4611Planning and Evaluation of Community Health EducationTorres, Essie
HLTH 4880Capstone: Applied Principles of Health EducationBecker, Craig M.
HLTH 6600Needs Assessment in Health Education and PromotionBecker, Craig M.
HMGT 2200Introduction to Conventions and Special EventsFenich, George
HMGT 4308Cost Controls for Hospitality OperationsDennison, Doriann
HNRS 2011The humanities through storytellingFord, Katherine; Siegel, Robert; Zipf, Karin
HUMS 6300Ethics and Research: Humanities and Basic Medical SciencesMalek, Janet
HUMS 7400Ethics and Research: Humanities and Basic Medical SciencesGreer, Annette
IDSN 1180 - 001Interior Design FundamentalsSwank, Katherine
JUST 3200The Juvenile Justice SystemKerbs, John
JUST 3700Race Gender & Special Populations in the Criminal JusticeStacey, Michele
JUST 3900 - 001Introductory Statistics for Criminal JusticeKerbs, John
JUST 4500Issues and Problems in Criminal JusticeWalfield, Scott
JUST 6601Drugs and CrimeWalfield, Scott
KINE 3301Physical Education and Sport in Modern SocietyDiGiacinto, Kacey L.; Warner, Stacy
KINE 4002Special topics in KINE & BIOLCortright, Ronald
KINE 4300Program Development and Management In Physical EducationRundio, Amy
LING 2700Introduction to Language StudiesJohnson, Mark
LING 3750Introductory LinguisticsJohnson, Mark
MATE 2700Applications in statistics and probabilitySinicrope, Rose
MGMT 4242Organizational BehaviorYang, Jun
MGMT 4352Management in a global economyAdeyemi-Bello, Tope
MIS 6713Delivering Business Value Through Information SystemsFurner, Christopher
MPH 6000Public HealthKearney, Gregory
MPH 60106010Kearney, Gregory
MPH 6011Introduction to EpidemiologyLea, Cary
MPH 6670Rafferty, Ann
MUSC 1112Applied Music - FluteGustafson, Christine
MUSC 1166Theory IICarr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 1326CompositionRichardson, Mark
MUSC 1406Music History and LiteratureNelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 1406-299Music History & Literature I - Medieval to RenaissanceMoll, Kevin
MUSC 1435Brass GroupJuchniewicz, Jay
MUSC 1445Percussion MethodsWacker, Jonathan
MUSC 2156Basic MusicianshipCarr-Richardson, Amy; Richardson, Mark
MUSC 2166Basic Musicianship IVRichardson, Mark
MUSC 2207The Enjoyment of MusicNelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 2406Music History & Literature II - Baroque to ClassicMoll, Kevin
MUSC 2406-001-002Music History and LiteratureNelson, Jocelyn
MUSC 2416-299Music History & Literature III - Romantic, Modern, Postmod.Moll, Kevin
MUSC 3227Rehersal Techniques in Secondary Instrumental Music Ed.Juchniewicz, Jay
MUSC 4195Advanced Jazz HistoryDavis, Daniel Roger
MUSC 4277Music for Group ActivitiesEnojado, Christian P
MUSC 4327CounterpointCarr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 4536Introduction to Schenkerian AnalysisCarr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 4658Seminar: Musical Aesthetics and CriticismMoll, Kevin
MUSC 5906Choral LiteratureFranklin, James
MUSC 5916Choral LiteratureFranklin, James
MUSC 5926Wind LiteratureStaub, William
MUSC 6006Music Structure and StyleCarr-Richardson, Amy; Huener, Thomas; Richardson, Mark
MUSC 6016Music Structure and StyleCarr-Richardson, Amy; Huener, Thomas; Richardson, Mark
MUSC 6116Music of the Classic Era and EnlightenmentMoll, Kevin
MUSC 6327CounterpointCarr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 6536Introduction to Schenkerian AnalysisCarr-Richardson, Amy
MUSC 6658Seminar: Musical Aesthetics and CriticismMoll, Kevin
NURS 3611Health AssessmentMartin, Jeanne E.
NURS 3613Lifespan in Nursing Practice IMartin, Jeanne E.
NURS 3614Theoretical and Clinical ConceptsMartin, Jeanne E.
NURS 6978NURSINGMullinix, Constance
NURS6008Schreier, Ann
OCCT 6080Environmental Contexts and Systems of Occupational TherapyVelde, Beth
OMGT 3223 - FALLBusiness Decision ModelingKros, John
PADM 6101Analysis for the Public SectorSmirnova, Olga
PADM 6116Women, Public Policy and AdministrationMani, Bonnie G.
PADM 6120Public Budgeting and FinanceSmirnova, Olga
PADM 6165Program EvaluationSmirnova, Olga
PADP 6500Pharmacology and PharmacotherapeuticsTrapp, Jane
PDHSPre-Dental Honor SocietyMorehead, Andrew
PHIL 1500Introduction to LogicGeorgalis, Nicholas
PHIL 2275Professional EthicsYalcin, Umit
PHYS 4310Modern OpticsDeWitt, Regina
PIRATE 1000Pirate ReadGee, Charles William
PLAN 2030Global CitiesHur, Misun
PLAN 3022 FALLHistory Theory of PlanningHur, Misun
PLAN 3030Urban and Regional PlanningSung, Sangwoo
PLAN 4065Land use planningMukherji, Anuradha
POLS 2070Introduction to Political TheorySpalding, Nancy
POLS 3041Women and PolicyMani, Bonnie G.
PSYC 1000Introduction to PsychologyDolbier, Christyn; Thurneck, Debbie; Wallio, Stephanie
PSYC 2210 - 006Research Methods in Psyc(WI)Baker, Michael D.
PSYC 3206Developmental PsychologyMaag, Lisa
PSYC 3221 - FALLSocial PsychologyBaker, Michael D.
RCLS 4702 - 601Independent Study in RecreationJanke, Megan
REHB 5000RehbMcDougal, Jennifer J.
REHB 6250Psychiatric RehabilitationAlston, Paul
REHB 6360Rehabilitation an Substance Abuse Counseling PracticumGoodwin, Lloyd R.
RELI 1000Introduction to Religious StudiesDawson, Kathy
RELI 1000 - 001Introduction to Religious StudiesDawson, Kathy
RELI 1690World ReligionsMercer, Calvin; Nyangweso, Mary Wangila
RELI 2400Religion and FilmJohnson, Lee
RELI 2696Introduction to the New TestamentMercer, Calvin
RELI 2697JudaismDawson, Kathy
RELI 3930Special topic: JudaismDawson, Kathy
RUSI 2001Introduction to Russian Studies: HumanitiesMurenina, Elena
SOCI 1010Race, Gender, and ClassKane, Melinda
SOCI 3035Sociology through filmKimuna, Sitawa
SOCI 3325 - FALLSociology of Human SexualityKnox, David
SOCI 4000 - FALLLGBT Identity SocietyKane, Melinda
SOCI 6900Sociology Through FilmKimuna, Sitawa
SOCW 4505Community Services for ChildrenWhite, Kevin
SPAN 1001Spanish Level I - Level IIIValko, Jennifer
SPAN 1002 - 002Spanish Level IIValko, Jennifer
SPAN 1004 - 001Spanish Level IVGonzalez Valdes, Alberto; Lopez-Canete, Rosa
SPAN 3441Latin American Culture CivilztFallon, Paul
SPAN 4562Latin American Texts of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CValko, Jennifer
SPAN 4611Teaching Second Languages in Grades K-12Levi Altstaedter, Laura
SPAN 6600Recent Trends in Foreign Language Teaching, LearningLevi Altstaedter, Laura
THEA 1061Musical Theatre VoiceDAVIS, TONYA (MS)
THEA 3090Musical Theatre Techniques Style HistoryTahaney, Michael
THEA 4323The Teaching of Theatre Arts in Grades K-12Clark, Patricia A.
WOST 2000 - 002Intro to Women's StudiesSidhu, Nicole